eFacility – Document Management Specialist/Archivist

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eFacility is looking for an information specialist to organize our customer’s legacy information and establish the processes and methodologies for organization, storage and access in the future. The documents are unique, with many being very old. This initially includes engineering information and will continue for all records of the corporation as mandated by the Public Utility Commission.


  • Identify, track, organize, sort, categorize, catalog, and collect necessary data regarding drawing and supporting documents for placement in a document management system
  • Manage the information for its scanning and indexing
  • Create and monitor a quality assurance program
  • Institute the proper quality controls
  • Develop a process and procedures to make recommendations for the destruction or for the proper long-term storage of documents
  • Develop the process and procedures for the proper handling of delicate and sensitive documents
  • Project manage the placement of information into a document management and control system

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to create and manage a document library which organizes legacy engineering and construction information dating to the 1920’s
  • Knowledge on the proper handling of delicate and sensitive documents
  • Working knowledge of PUC Ruling 52 Paragraph 4(c).
  • Work as a team member with customer’s personnel
  • Knowledge of privacy laws and the confidential handling of personal information
  • Knowledge of document management systems and how they apply to corporate information storage.

Please send interests and resume to Ray Steeb at ray@efacility.app.