Welcoming Week 2015

Welcoming Week 2015 brings together immigrants and U.S. born citizens in their communities through activities to inspire a spirit of unity and civic participation. Last year, newcomers and longtime residents participated in events throughout the country that ranged from multicultural festivals and panel discussions to film screenings and naturalization ceremonies. Libraries across the country hosted […]

Librarians as STEM Educators

Earlier this year, ACLA received a 3-year grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS) for the “Librarians as STEM Educators” project. Our partner is ASSET, Inc., a nationally recognized provider of STEM training for teachers. ASSET staff are essentially translating what they’ve learned from working with teachers for librarians.  Thirty participants – […]

Attend Programs

See what programs and events are happening at your local library.

Creative Aging through Lifetime Arts Project

In 2013, ACLA was chosen to participate in the Creating Aging in America’s Libraries project. This 3-year project is supported by a National Leadership Grant through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and builds on Lifetime Arts’ pioneering initiative, the Creative Aging Libraries Project. Designed and administered by Lifetime Arts, Inc., the national project […]