Library Administrator – Youth Services (Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh)

Job Summary: The Library Administrator of Youth Services continuously improves the experience for youth (birth to 18) and their families, ensuring that the library’s commitment to foster literacy, enable exploration, and create connections with all of our neighbors is realized equitably and consistently. They cooperate with peers at the system level in the design, implementation and evaluation of activities, spaces, and services that impact youth, ensuring a holistic library experience across all services, locations, and neighborhoods. They lead both children-serving and teen-serving staff across the system, creating seamless service and smooth transitions between age groups.

The core focus areas of the position are:

  • Building the day-to-day skills of youth-serving staff (children and teens) and location managers across the system in response to trends, neighborhood needs, and strategic priorities through training, onboarding, and professional development;
  • Developing and leading a comprehensive plan for programmatic services that support youth and their families, including transitions between age groups and connections with spaces and collections;
  • Deepening and expanding the Library’s community engagement strategy for youth and youth-serving organizations through partnerships, citywide initiatives, and outreach to situate the library as a key leader, advocate, and service provider for Pittsburgh’s youth.

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