Youth Services Clerk – Cranberry Public Library

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of the Cranberry Public Library are to: serve the community as a general center of reliable information; provide the opportunity and the encouragement for children, young people, and adults to educate themselves continuously; and to serve as a repository for items of local historical interest. (CPL Bylaws) OVERALL PURPOSE OF JOB: This […]

Adult Assistant Services – Wilkinsburg Public Library

The Wilkinsburg Public Library in Wilkinsburg, PA is accepting applications for Adult Assistant Services. This is a full-time, 40-hour per week, union position offering $13.48/hr. plus benefits. Wilkinsburg residency is required. A Bachelor’s or other secondary education degree and/or certificate is required. See below for job details/requirements. If interested, please send completed resume, at least […]

Braddock Carnegie Library Association

Job Description: Children’s Program Facilitator Reports to:  Children’s Library Manager Salary: $12/ hour June-August position (3 months) SUMMARY: ESSENTIAL DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES Operations Assist children and adults in finding resources for pleasure reading in the Children’s Library and at other libraries Interact with youth and adult patrons in the Children’s Library. Programs In collaboration with the Children’s […]

Employee Post 1

Eggs Hamburger Taco Seasoning Flour Tortilla Queso Fresco Steamed Beans Sour Cream Rice Cilantro Cheddar American Cheese Steak Pork Pico De Gallo Lettuce Chicken Red Pepper Pork Cheddar Onions Cod Shell Jalapenos Pico De Gallo Pork Lime Juice Cilantro Corn Tortilla Mozzarella Lemon Juice Onions American Cheese Queso Fresco Red Pepper Lettuce Queso Fresco Chicken […]

Employee Post 2

Shell Eggs American Cheese Cod Bacon Feta Lettuce Whole Wheat Tortilla Pork Black Beans Pinto Beans Black Beans Feta Lime Juice Shell Pico De Gallo Chicken Corn Asadero Hamburger Pico De Gallo Feta Lettuce Pico De Gallo Taco Sauce Pinto Beans Feta Corn Tortilla Rice Corn Corn Shell Lettuce Cheddar Bacon Whole Wheat Tortilla Taco […]