Meet ACLA’s Social Work Program Coordinator, Katrina Mink 


ACLA is pleased to introduce the newest member of our team: Katrina Mink, BSW/MSW, Social Work Program Coordinator. Katrina directly oversees all aspects of the social work program, including field instruction for students, coordinating with Pitt’s School of Social Work, and providing additional social work services to libraries without a student placement. 

Katrina has been active in the social work field since 2015 in a variety of settings. Most recently, Katrina connected Allegheny County residents with social services at Allegheny Link, a service of Allegheny County DHS. Her extensive knowledge of the social services landscape in Allegheny County has been invaluable to our social work students. 

Katrina understands the value of libraries and the impact our social work students have had: 

“Since joining ACLA in February I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know many of our library staff while exploring our wonderful library system. It’s clear that Allegheny County libraries are among the best and most treasured resources in this area. Our libraries are doing great things! 

Like librarians, I feel called to serve our communities and the opportunity to do so as Coordinator for the Social Work in Libraries Program brings me joy. My career path has wound through parts of our society in which can be found great strength as well as great need: public housing, public schools, public services, and now public libraries. Of those environments, just one has the reach and the power to impact them all. 

Our libraries are a starting point for so many journeys. The Social Work in Libraries Program aims to help pave the way. This coming year will see big changes in addition to expansion of the program. Prospective Student Fellows are eager for the opportunity to help library staff and library patrons. I look forward to the next phase of this program and am grateful to be of service.”