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About ACLA

About ACLAThe Allegheny County Library Association (ACLA) is a federated library system of 46 public libraries delivering service in more than 70 locations. Member Libraries include the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which has 19 locations, and 45 other libraries and their branches located outside the City of Pittsburgh throughout Allegheny County. Each library is independent and has its own board of directors; as a consortium they share a countywide catalog, jointly offer downloadable books, audios, and videos as well as online databases, and provide a diverse calendar of programming events. The eiNetwork supports the automated library operations, Internet access, and free Wi-Fi services available at all county libraries. Through its coordination, ACLA expands the resources of local libraries beyond what they could accomplish individually.

2019 Impact Report

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ACLA History ACLA’s story began in 1991 when the County Controller’s office issued “A Quiet Crisis: Libraries in Allegheny County.” The report detailed the dismal state of County libraries, each working independently of one another without any centralized coordination or communication structure. The report challenged the collective community to increase funding to improve services. In response the Allegheny County Library Association was established, becoming a 501(c)(3) corporation in 1994. It was one of the charter contractual assets to receive funding through the Allegheny Regional Asset District (ARAD). Allegheny County has 130 independent municipalities, making large-scale cooperation rare and extremely difficult. Yet ACLA has succeeded in becoming a model for delivering service across municipal boundaries.

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We envision a healthy, engaged, and thriving community supported by libraries that welcome, inspire, educate, and provide equal opportunities to all residents of Allegheny County.


As a federated library system, ACLA provides and promotes the highest quality public library service possible for all residents of Allegheny County through collaboration, cooperation, and coordination.

Core Values

Core Services

Strategic Plan

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Board of Directors

  • Jack Murtagh (President)
    North Region Representative
  • Pamela Golden (Vice President)
    ARAD Representative
  • Rich Fuller (Treasurer)
    At-Large Representative
  • Christine McIntosh (Secretary)
    LAC Representative
  • Sally Coyne
    East Region Representative
  • Kristen McMahon
    Central Region Representative
  • Patricia Shetler
    West Region Representative
  • Tracy Soska
    South Region Representative
  • Aliya Khan
    At-Large Representative

ACLA Staff 412.921.1123


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ACLA Board meetings (6:30 pm unless otherwise noted)

General Membership

General Membership meetings (7:00 pm)

To read our open meeting policy Click Here.


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