A Word from Our CEO, Amy Anderson: Libraries Are Transforming Our Communities

The libraries of Allegheny County have always worked hard to serve in ways that build their communities and make them stronger. The services they provide not only work to educate and entertain but to also inspire and unite. All our libraries have found ways to meet the needs of their communities and we could not be prouder of the work they do. Still, we know that there is always more that can be done, if only we had the means to do it. For several of our libraries, this chance to dream big and truly transform their communities has come.

The libraries that serve distressed communities have been given a wonderful opportunity to make a difference through the Allegheny Regional Asset District’s (RAD) Transformative Community Libraries Grant. This grant, which provides $5 million over 4 years, will allow our libraries serving distressed communities to find ways to really transform the communities through library programs, community-driven initiatives, and/or capital improvements that will give the libraries the accessible spaces they need to serve everyone.

We are so grateful for RAD’s vision in creating this grant to help our libraries that serve areas in economic distress. This fund will help the libraries to do things such as expand outreach to distressed areas, create safe and accessible spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone, and so much more.

Our libraries in Allegheny County are all amazing at serving their communities and, with this grant, we know that we can build upon our strengths and make our communities stronger for it as well. Big things are coming, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Amy Anderson