A Word from Our CEO, Amy Anderson: Strong Commitment

The Allegheny County Library Association has always maintained a strong commitment to the county’s public libraries. From the organization’s inception in response to the need for cooperation among libraries at the county level to the work we do today to promote shared services and opportunities, ACLA has always been and will always be committed to making all of the libraries of Allegheny County the best that they can be.

From the early days of ACLA to the current challenges we face today, ACLA member libraries have proven that they can meet any challenge put before them and persevere beyond what could be imagined. The work that I see being done in Allegheny County shows that by working together, there are few challenges that cannot be overcome and I know that ACLA’s commitment to working with the member libraries has never been stronger.

ACLA’s mission, vision, and values place a strong emphasis on providing quality service and equal opportunities for all of the residents of Allegheny County, and ACLA and its member libraries prove that they are committed to this every day. Our county is stronger for the work that all of the member libraries do, and we at ACLA remain committed to working with all of the libraries, just as we did in the beginning, to build up our communities and to provide all citizens a place to be educated, entertained, and enriched.

Amy Anderson