Backpacks to Help Caregivers

Originally posted in PGH AVE WEST, Sept-Oct 2016 Caring for a loved one is one of the most important responsibilities and privileges a person could  have.  Especially when a loved one has become aged or dependent on assistance. In an … Read More

Find hope in your local library

Originally posted on the Post Gazette Op-Ed, January 10, 2017, written by Marilyn Jenkins. As we gear up to confront the new challenges of 2017, it’s all too easy to focus on what needs to be fixed, rather than what … Read More

Libraries and Education

Today’s libraries have transformed into sophisticated learning environments, offering educational opportunities for all ages.

ACLA – Active in the Legislative Process

ACLA has been actively engaging with State elected officials over the past several months in Harrisburg as well as here in the County. Executive Director Marilyn Jenkins met with leadership in Harrisburg recently to discuss state funding. A follow-up briefing … Read More

Love Your Library Month

This September, libraries across Allegheny County are inviting residents to show their love!

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